Friday, February 19, 2021

.Skincare Must Haves with Colleen Rothschild.

** Thank you to Colleen Rothschild for Sponsoring today's post! Every opinion expressed is 100% my own**

 The way I look forward to my morning coffee, is the same level of excitement as when I think about my nighttime skincare routine! I've mentioned many times on Instagram stories, how I stepped up my game when it came to the products I use on my face. I have been using Colleen Rothschild's products daily for going on two years, but I really got a great routine last August! Let's be honest, if you're part of that group that also rocks skinny jeans and side parts, you should really be thinking about perfecting your skincare regimen as well....insert laughing emoji here!- I couldn't help myself, but really.

I thought I would walk you thru my current line up of what I love and use daily! It's the perfect time too because Colleen Rothschild is currently running a great promotion: 

$25 off $100 (code: THANKS25) 

$50 off $200 (code: THANKS50)

Step 1: Cleanse // Radiant Cleansing Balm

This is one of the products I cannot and will not live without! If I had to pick my number one must have, this is it! Every night when I wash my face, it feels like I am at the spa. From the smell to the way it leaves my face feeling, it's down right wonderful! If you have dry skin and haven't tried their radiant cleansing balm, take my word for it - you need this! 

When I shared this in the past one stories I got questions on how it works. You take it in your hands and rub it around to "warm it up" then you'll apply all over your face, massaging it in. Then you take either the muslin cloth (that comes with it) or washcloth run it under hot water and rub it off your face! Your face is left clean and feeling so moisturized!! Like I mentioned above, I have dry skin, so I am not a fan of when you wash your face and it's left feeling squeaky clean and dried out! This is the opposite, your skin feels SO hydrated and luxurious!! 

Step 2: Toner // Matcha Toner 

I use this morning and night after I cleanse. This is another product that really brings moisture and life to your face! In the morning, this is my favorite step because it makes me feel "fresh" and at night I love it for a second cleansing step to make sure I removed all my makeup and dirt from the day.

I also have noticed that it has made a huge difference in my pore size!

Step 3: Oils // Face Oil N9

Speaking of luxurious, this oil is every bit of that!  When I talk about the texture of my skin changing in the last 6 months, it has largely to do with this magical oil! Clearly, I am not the only one that feels that way either because it is often out of stock. I never skip this step at night. I will apply 2-3 drops before I do my moisturizer. Don't be scared by the word "oil" either! It soaks right in and just delivers that moisture you need if you skin tends to be dry and will actually help control oil if you tend to have oily skin....see MAGIC! 

Step 4: Moisturize // The Extreme Recovery Cream

If you also have dry skin on the regular or you have very dry skin right now due to the weather, this cream will take care of that right away! I recently added this cream into my routine and I have no idea why I waited so long! I've been applying it after the magic oil fat night for an extra boost of moisture. I swear when I wake up, my face is as soft as Madeline's baby skin!! I love that a little bit goes a long way too, so this is going to last me a long time. 

Step 5: Eye Cream // Retinol Supreme Eye Serum

This is another product that I added in about 6 months ago and noticed a huge difference right away. The skin under your eyes is very delicate and you need to make sure you are moisturizing the heck out of it to avoid wrinkles...because ain't nobody got time for that!! This eye serum packs so much moisture in one tiny little drop! I love that it has retinol too! I didn't use this product while pregnant or breast feeding though, but I did use this eye cream and also love it! 

Additional products I love & use:

Micro Mineral Resurfacing Scrub // I have been using this scrub one to two times and week! I will do it after I cleanse my face and it leaves my skin feeling buttery smooth! I love the grainy texture and how you can actually feel it working! 

Sheer Renewal Cream // I actually use this in the morning before applying my makeup. I love how lightweight it feels but it still moisturizes. It is an oil free moisturizer and will work for all types of skin. I'm really picky about the moisturizer I use before applying makeup but I love the way this wears under my makeup and I swear it makes it last longer!

Smooth & Shine Hair Serum, Protect & Perfect Styling Cream , Quench Hair Mask // Because our hair needs love too, Colleen Rothschild also offers the same levels of  luxuriousness and high quality with her hair products! I have been using the hair shine serum for two years and can't be without it! I apply a tiny bit to the ends of my hair when it's wet (mixed with the styling cream!) and a pump throughout when I am done styling! It does exactly as it says and adds the right amount of shine!

The mask is another item I LOVE and use every other week. I think it's amazing how you can use it as a deep mask or in place of your conditioner. I use it for both depending what kind of mood I'm in!

The styling cream is a newer product I started using a couple months ago when Santa brought me the Quench and Shine Travel kit. If you haven't tried her hair care products I highly recommend trying the kit because you get a little bit of everything at such a great price! Totally random too, it comes with the best scrunchy that I wear at night washing my face.

One product that I just got and I'm so excited to add into my morning line up is the Vitamin C Treatment Complex. I battle with some hyperpigmentation on my forehead and this is going to help with that! I will keep you guys posted on my results! The reviews are fabulous, so I'm pretty excited to see how much it helps.

If you have any questions at all, let me know! I'm also going to be doing a "get unready with me" over on Instagram stories, if you want to see the products in action!

Shop my favorites: 

Friday, January 29, 2021

.Momlife Wins.

*Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today's post! As always, all opinions expressed are my own*

Being a mom means constantly trying to find balance! If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have been trying to make healthy choices in the kitchen. About 6 months ago I started counting macros and just making better choices overall when it comes to food. I fully intend on carrying over these habits into 2021. Which means I am cooking or meal prepping almost all our meals. I love taking the time to cook everything for us, but it does take a good amount of planning on my part. 

Circling back to me saying I am trying to find balance, I don't want to take away from the free time that I do have to play with the girls so I try to find little hacks to save my time (& sanity!) That's when my Walmart+ membership comes in to save the day! I've mentioned this membership a couple times and for good reason. One of the many benefits is our fresh groceries and household items straight to our doorstep($35 min, some restrictions apply)! Bonus points too because you can get them as soon as the same day you place your order and they're the same low price you always love from Walmart. After I put the girls to bed, I can lay in bed and knock out our grocery shopping....I mean, how ideal is that?! Walmart+ is here to save you time and money. Two things all us moms love!

My other favorite benefit of the Walmart+ membership is the free shipping from, no order minimum (excludes oversized/frieght & marketplace items). This is huge for me because we all know how much I love to shop their adorable clothing, like these $14 sneakers and fun sweater I'm wearing.

When you sign up for the Walmart+ membership make sure to check all the local benefits they offer too! Because there's so much more. They have 'mobile scan & go' for when you are shopping in store at Walmart and 'member prices on fuel & gas'. 

You can sign up here! I know you're going to love it!

Xo, Kayla 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

.Holiday Traditions Made Easy with Walmart+.

** Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinion expressed are 100% my own**

Going into this holiday season I knew it was going to look a lot different. There might be a lot of things we can't do, but I told myself I would keep the magic of the season alive for my girls. I've made it my personal goal to continue with every tradition that I could and create fun new ones! It is Madeline's first holiday season after all!

One of the things we look forward to every year is holiday baking. There is one particular recipe I look forward to most of all. It's Tyler's grandma's 'Hot Cocoa Cookies'! I originally fell in love with them when I was pregnant with Kennedy and now crave them every year!

This time of year can get a little crazy. Between working (hello busiest time for my job!), shopping for all our loved ones, & fitting in as much holiday joy as possible, my time is spread pretty thin. I look for anyway to save time! Once again, my Walmart+ membership is showing up to save the day! I signed up a couple months ago and there was no looking back. I already do most my shopping online because it's just so much easier with littles, but the Walmart+ membership takes saving time and money to a new level!

The membership is only $12.95 a month, or you can sign up yearly (which I did) for $98. They also offer a free 15 day trial!! With the membership, you get free delivery on orders $35 from your local store (some restrictions apply). I usually place my order when I'm laying in bed at night...I don't think it can get any easier! I did that with all our cookie ingredients and never had to leave my house today!

That's not the only benefit either. I told you guys this membership is good! If you prefer to go in store to do your shopping, they offer a "mobile scan & go" feature. It allows you to essentially check out from your phone! How cool is that?! They also offer member prices on fuel at participating gas stations. 

There's also a new benefit that I am beyond excited about! Walmart+ recently launched a new benefit where you get Walmart+ free shipping with no order minimum (some restrictions apply. Freight, oversized, and marketplace items excluded). This could not have launched at a better time. This makes checking off my list so much easier!! I actually used this last night to grab some last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Being Santa Claus is stressful, so thank you Walmart+ for making it a little bit easier!  

If you've been looking to make your life a little easier this season, I promise you this membership will! Save your time and spend it with your loved ones doing what really matters this time of year. 

Below is the cookie recipe I wanted to share! Tag me if you make them and ENJOY!


Cream together:
1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla

Dry ingredients:
Sift 1 3/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup cocoa

Preheat oven to 350°

Mix both.

Placing cookies on the cookie sheet:
Keep hands wet and ball the dough into 1 tbsp size balls on cookie sheet. Do about 2 then wash hands clean again. Shake hands dry and repeat.

Bake for 8 mins. Put 1/2 of a marshmallow on each cookie (press the marshmallows down a little to flatten the cookies).

Cook an additional 2 mins. Let cool. Frost w/ melted candy quick (white or dark). Serve

Melting the chocolate:

1 bag of chocolates
1tsp vegetable oil
Microwave "power level 7"
For 1 min. Stir.
15 sec intervals until smooth

Xo, Kayla 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

.Gifting with Walmart.

**Thank you to walmart for sponsoring today's post. All opinions expressed are my own**

'Tis the season for gifting! I wanted to let you guys in on a little secret that's been making my life easier when it comes to crossing people off my list. With everything going on right now, I want to focus my time on the family time and bringing the girls Christmas joy. I am trying to save time and make my life easier, when it comes to my holiday shopping! Enter-Walmart!!

Their website takes all of the guess work out of gifting. There are always those people on your list that you never know what to get. Instead of sitting around scratching your head, make sure you try Walmart's gift finder! You can narrow down your search by person, age and the amount you want to spend. Talk about helpful! It even helped me find this top rated toy to grab for Madeline. I also scored this fun bath set for Kennedy's stocking. 

Another reason I love shopping on is for the convenience of how fast you can get your items in your hands. Need a last minute hostess gift? Perfect, they offer free curbside pickup (not on everything and excludes items over $300). I'm spoiled from their free 2 day shipping option too! I get a lot of my fashion items quick with this feature and now my gifts. Oh and remember when I shared Walmart+ a couple weeks back? With that membership you can get same day delivery on most items for free. They really are making our lives so much easier this holiday season!

I know something you guys have been requesting is gift guides. I put together one with items I've been loving from Walmart and all under $25! It's perfect for any lady in your life. I actually own and love most the items I included. 

Robe (I wear a small & own two prints!) || $11 Candle || Coin Purse
NYX Lip gloss (love fortune cookie) || Sherpa Blankets

Friday, October 30, 2020


**Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today's post. All opinions expressed are my own**

Walmart recently launched a new membership called Walmart+ and trust me you're going to love it! It's no secret that, as a work from home mom, I am always looking for things that make my life easier.  

This year we are hosting a Halloween party to celebrate with our close friends and family. My grocery and to do list seem like a mile long! When I learned that I could order all the candy, drinks, decor, and ingredients for my chili, all from the comfort of my house, using Walmart+, I was alll in! I was so excited that I may have gone a little overboard on the candy! 

There are a couple options when you sign up for the Walmart+ membership. You can pay yearly ($98) or monthly ($12.95) and get free unlimited delivery straight to your door (when you spend $35+ and some restrictions apply)! It gets even better, if your local Walmart is participating, you can get your order as soon as the same day! I placed our big Halloween order in the morning and had all my goodies by 3pm...isn't that amazing?! I can't tell you the sigh of relief I felt knowing that I could check that off my to do list without even leaving! And Kennedy was pretty excited when she saw how much candy they delivered, haha! 

There are more benefits with your Walmart+ membership including mobile scan & go which allows you to check out from your phone as you shop in store and member prices on fuel where you can save 5 cents per gallon at participating gas stations. 

The delivery part is what I am truly most excited about. I plan to use it weekly to do my meal planning. I really think it's going to be great with meal planning and staying on track going into the holidays. I also wanted to mention for the other moms that you can get diapers + formula when placing your order. I have a feeling this might end up being my favorite membership!! 

If you could use a little help making your life easier, you can sign up here

xoxo, Kayla 

Monday, August 31, 2020

.Grocery Express delivery with Walmart.

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I swear I blinked and ours was over. With everything going on in our lives right now and keeping up with two littles, the days just seem to fly by. From the dm conversations I have been having with some of you, I know I am not alone. It seems like us moms are having to balance it all right now. From new babies, to working from home, and distance learning, we find ourselves wearing many, many different hats! I like to think of it as beautiful chaos.

Every once and awhile something comes along that makes our lives a little easier. And let's be honest, if we can simplify one part of our day-that's a I right? That's why I am so excited to share with you guys Walmart's Express delivery Service! This new service is such a game changer with the option to order groceries, toiletries, baby items, and OTC medicines straight to your door in 2 hours or less!! 

I loved the fact that today during Madeline's nap I was able to order everything I needed for dinner and stock up on diapers and formula that I needed ASAP! Not having to leave my house with both the girls to shop was such a treat!! I know I will be using this service from now on.

You can place your order online or in the free Walmart app on your phone. I also loved that you have the option, when placing your order, to have the delivery person either leave it at the front door (contact free) or they will greet you at the door and hand them directly to you! I opted for them to leave the groceries on our porch because I didn't dare risk them waking up Madeline, haha! As soon as they were delivered I got a text/email notifying me that they had arrived. 

Another HUGE win for me was that there is a giant mark up on your items! In fact, I noticed that most were actually less expensive than you would find at other retailers.

A look at tonight's dinner!

Thanks for reading!! Xo, Kayla 

**Thank you to walmart for sponsoring today's post. As always, all opinions expressed in my post were 100% my own!**

Monday, November 25, 2019

.Little Stars Organic Nursery Bedding.

Walmart recently launched an exclusive line of organic nursery bedding, Little Stars Organic. Not only is line pure organic, it's mom, baby & eco friendly, and ethically produced. It's also incredibly soft, which you want when it comes to baby and toddler bedding! 

I was amazed at the affordable price point they are offering it at too! I have the three piece set that includes two sheets and the reversible quilt (my personal fav!) and it's all under $50. They also offer the option of purchasing everything separately in addition to burp cloths, receiving blankets, swaddle blankets, and changing pad covers. The line has it all! 

I personally went with the gender neutral option because I loved the little star print. I also wanted to showcase an option that would work for you moms that have little girls or little boys. You girls know I'm all about pink and that's not changing, but sometimes it's nice to switch things up. 

I will say that the girl set, that has bunny & hearts, is seriously precious! I have the two pack of sheets in my cart right now. There is also a really cute boy option with sweet little critters on it. 

Hard to believe our little one will be here next month, but I am feeling better knowing that I can check out off quality bedding on our to do list! 

Xo, Kayla 

**Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today's post! All opinions are my own**