Thursday, August 29, 2019

.Baby Roundup and Breastfeeding Journey.

Plaid Blouse (medium, runs tts) // Cardigan (medium, runs tts) 

Now that I am officially 22 weeks, the pressure is on to start getting things ready for baby! Especially since I am due New Years Eve, the holidays are going to fly by. I told Tyler I would like to have almost everything done and organized before Halloween, but honestly that is probably wishful thinking! We shall see how that goes. I am determined to get a move on it though!

A huge part of preparing for a new baby is thinking about how you are going to feed them. Whether we want to prepare for a breastfeeding journey or get everything in order to formula feed. I am a huge believer in fed is BEST and however you choose to do that is a personal choice for each mama. Did you know that August is National Breast Feeding month?! I think that's so cool that there's a whole month dedicated to all the hard work that goes into breastfeeding! 

I mean it when I say hard work too. When I was pregnant with Kennedy I just assumed breastfeeding would come natural to us and I would do it for the first year of her life. After a first couple very hard and challenging days, I came to the realization that it just wasn't going to happen for us. I gave it my all and like I said, I knew fed was best and breastfeeding just wasn't in our cards. I ended up exclusively pumping and bottle feeding her. That came with its own challenges, but ended up working out great for us. 

So this second time around I am going in with an open mind! I am going to try nursing, because I would love to be able to experience that, but if it doesn't work out I will pump again and supplement with formula. The one great thing about being a second time mom is knowing the products that really worked for us the first go around. While each baby is different, I do have an idea of the essentials we will need. 

I've been doing a lot of research too about who has the best prices for all these items. Since it's been over 4 years we are essentially starting from scratch and needing to grab a lot of products again. Not only has Walmart been killing the fashion game, they have a fabulous baby section! They carry most of the name brands that we all love and trust for our littles! They are also running a couple incredible deals on the bigger tickets items, like this breast pump! If you are expecting I highly recommend checking out this page where you can see all the must haves broken down from newborn to 18 months. It would be extremely helpful if you're wanting to do your registry too!

I'm curious, what were your must have items when it came to feeding your babies? 

Thank you to RewardStyle & Walmart for sponsoring this post. Per usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rounding up my favorite products here:

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