Tuesday, May 31, 2016

.Pink Blazer.


{Photo Credit: Pixel Creek Photography}

Blazer, Miss Match // Blouse, Miss Match // Jeans, Miss Match {not online, similar here} // Booties, Miss Match {not online, call 619-223-5500 to order} similar style here & here 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Hopefully this Tuesday that currently feels like a Monday, isn't kicking your butt too bad ;) 

We had a pretty mellow holiday weekend that included a couple bbqs, shopping, binge watching & cleaning. After months of what has felt like non-stop plans & commitments, a slow weekend was just what we needed around here! 

Guys, I'm not wearing a dress!! This is such a rare occurrence around here, I couldn't wait to share this look with you. Nothing has changed, I'm still dressed obsessed, but this is a look that also stole my heart. From the beautiful multi color blouse, to the chic pink blazer, this is the perfect look for any occasion. I love how the blazer is such a statement piece and dresses the outfit up. 

These booties have been on serious repeat every since I brought them home with me from Miss Match! I normally only wear flats or sandals these days because I am chasing around a VERY active one year old. I do not have time to deal with my feet hurting or blisters! I can't tell you how comfortable these booties are. I wear them for hours at a time and forget I even have a heels on!! They also go with everything because of the color. The open toe is perfect for summer too. I'm going to apologize in advance for how much you are going to see these this summer!

{Don't forget if you want to order anything from Miss Match, you can use my code Kayla20 for 20% off your purchase.}

Xo, Kayla 

Friday, May 27, 2016

.Memorial Day Style & Sales.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

.Summer Dresses, Mommy & Mini.

{These last two photos are so funny! Kennedy's newest obsession is smelling flowers. It's so cute, the minute she sees flowers she gets so excited. Every once in a while she gets SO excited and takes a bite, haha. That's exactly what she was caught doing here. Don't worry I quickly removed the flower from her mouth :) }

Dress, c/o Shein // Booties, c/o Miss Match {20 % off with code: kayla20} // Sunnies, Nordstrom {only $12!} // Necklaces, c/o Southern Touch Monograms & Kendra Scott 

Dress, Old Navy // Moccs, c/o Angel Baby Moccs // Headband, c/o The Polka Dot Bow Co.

Just like that, the white dress obsession continues! I was a little reluctant when ordering this dress from Shein because there wasn't any reviews online. Normally I read them all just because I want to make sure I know exactly what I'm getting with no surprises. I took a gamble because I loved the look of the dress a lot. I was very pleased when I received it! While it's slightly different from what it looks like online, I absolutely love it! The baby doll style is so cute with the lace. I do want to mention that it's not lined so you will need a slip!

Old Navy has been killing it in the toddler/baby section! I honestly can't stay away. There's one about 4 minutes from where I work, so that doesn't help with the addiction :) Last week, they had a crazy  sale and everything was 40% off. I did a little shopping and of course had to pick Kennedy up some goodies. I got this dress she's wearing for about $5.50! I couldn't pass it up. It's the short sleeve version of the one she was wearing here. I think the cut is just so sweet on her and I might have to go pick it up in this print too. It would be perfect for Memorial Day!!

Let's talk accessories, baby accessories that is. I often wish that my accessories were as cute as Kennedy's. If I could run around in metallic moccasins everyday, I so would ;) We have a serious love for moccs over here. They look cute with just about everything! These ones from Angel Baby Moccs are amazing. The quality is outstanding! Kennedy wore them both days were in Disneyland and they still look brand new. With the exception of her foot prints on the bottom, which is to be expected & totally cute. I thought for sure they would leave Disneyland looking a little worse for wear because girlfriend was running everywhere!! Nope, still looking as cute as ever :) A small detail, but something that means a lot to me, is the fact that the bow is finished on the sides. It just goes to show you what good quality they really are!

Speaking of bows and keeping with Kennedy's fabulous accessories, I have to take a minute to rave about this glitter bow from The Polka Dot Bow Co.. If you follow me on snapchat, then you know how much I love these bows and brand!! These are some of the sweetest bows. Kennedy wore their mini felt bow in red here and I'm pretty sure I might order this bow in every single color!! But my favorite part about this brand is that the glitter bows are such great quality that they don't shed!! Can I get an amen?! This is one of things that makes me think twice about ordering anything glitter. I personally think it's scary because I don't want Kennedy getting it in her eye, I would feel horrible!! I tested these when I got them in the mail, and sure enough no glitter has fallen off!!

Xo, Kayla

Friday, May 13, 2016

.Kennedy's First Birthday Party.

I got the pictures back from our photographer and I can't stop looking at them!! So much planning and love was poured into this day for our girl. It's hard to believe it's behind us now. I'm so glad that I had Yana there taking photos the day of so we can always relive it!! Having her there took so much stress off me because I was able to mingle, chase Kennedy around and make sure everything else was going smoothly all while she captured the day. 

The morning of her party it was raining. We live in Sunny San Diego where it hardly ever rains, so to say I was freaking out would be an understatement!! The whole party was outside at Kennedy's grandparent's house, so rain was not in the plan. Luckily, the weather ended up turning around about two hours before her party started. It did make for a little bit of a hectic scene trying to make sure everything looked perfect! I can't say how thankful I am for all the help we got for our loved ones with everything. Without them, it wouldn't have been able to happen. When they say it takes a village, they aren't kidding.

I went into great detail {here} about the theme and inspiration for the party decor. I'm still in awe of how everything turned out. My vision came to life that day! I only wish I could have kept the donut table up in our kitchen forever ;) A little secret, I didn't even eat one donut that day because I was so busy running around. If you're in San Diego, they are from Steph's Donut Hole in Alpine & seriously the most delicious!! Extra points to them because they let me bring in my own gold sprinkles!! 

I have linked every decor item below in case you want details for an upcoming party you may have. Feel free to email me {} if you have any questions about a specific item. All the cake stands, baskets, and glass containers for the donuts were purchased from Marshalls, Home Goods or TJ Maxx. My mom and I live in those stores, haha. We started buying them months ago and tucking them away. I highly recommend doing this if you know your theme far in advance. It helps with costs so you are not putting all the money out at once. 

When it comes to all the other party decor, I can't recommend Pretty Lil Party & Confetti Mama enough!! Seriously, their decor is priceless. Everything was such great quality, gorgeous, and all our guest were raving about it. I feel honored that I was able to work with both of these shops!! I wouldn't have been able to bring my vision to life without them. I will be using them in the near future when it comes to wedding related parties :) 

Now on to all the photos.....

Kennedy telling her buddy secrets!

For food we had a taco man! Which I highly recommend going this route beacuase we didn't have to worry about cooking or clean up. Not to mention, the tacos were amazing!! Win, win!! 

At first she wasn't too sure about the cake. She was so dainty when it came to digging in. She fell in love once she got a good piece!! Look at this little cake monster...<3

The beginning of opening presents....she didn't last long until something else caught her eye ;) She got SO many cute outfits, bathing suits, toys and a very adorable mini mouse quad from her grandparents! My mom also gifted her this sign that I've had my eye on for years!! Now if I could get Tyler to hang it in her room, haha!

Kennedy's Outfit:
Dress, Old Navy || Tights, Target || Floral Headband, c/o Snuggle Bug Bowtique || Rose Gold Moccs, c/o My Beautiful Little Shop || First Birthday Crown, Love Crush Boutique

Decor Details:
Ribbon Garland, c/o Confetti Momma || Monthly Photo Banner, c/o Confetti Momma ||ONE Confetti, c/o Confetti Momma  || Crown, Love Crush Bowtique ||  ONE Banner, c/o Pretty Lil Party  || Gold K, Hobby Lobby || Donut Ever Grow Up Print, Etsy || Though She But Little Print, Etsy || Bow Print Table Cloth, Fabric From Joann's || Pink & Gold Backdrop, Handmade {similar version}

Gold Glitter One Candle, c/o Pretty Lil Party || Gold Bow Cupcake Toppers, c/o Pretty Lil Party ||  Pink & Gold Bow Cupcake Toppers, c/o Pretty Lil Party || Happy Birthday Banner, c/o Pretty Lil Party // Pink Tulip Bundle, TJ Maxx  || Baby Party Hats, Target

 We leave for Disneyland this Sunday :) You can always follow along on Snapchat & Instagram! Hope you have the best weekend!! 

Xo, Kayla