Friday, January 23, 2015

.25 Week Baby Bump Update.

Dress, c/o BUMPstyle Box {full blog post coming soon}

I don't know how this happened but we are in double digits people!! Only 99 days until our little miracle is here!! I remember being 7 weeks pregnant thinking my due date would never be here. Now I'm starting to panic that we won't have everything done in time. We have officially entered crunch time.

{Due Date} May 2, 2015

{Gender} Sweet baby girl! 

{Name} Her initials are KGS

{Baby's Size} Size of a papaya, average weight is 1 1/2 pounds.

{Sleep} Sleep, oh how I miss you ;) Still having a little trouble in this category due to my really back back pain. Maybe the baby is just preparing me for having little to no sleep once she's here.

{Cravings} My sweet tooth is still going strong! I'm loving ice cream with strawberries, lots of fruit, and muffins. Tyler loves that I have a sweet tooth now because I bring home treats at least once a week.

{Food Aversion}  Depends on the day really. Somethings that I used to love, just don't sound appetizing when I think about them. I'm still staying away from spicy foods. Heartburn is not worth it. I am dreaming of spicy, spicy salsa with chips :)

{Feeling} Pretty great. The next month and half are going to be a little crazy because we will be moving so I'm enjoying the calm before the storm.

{Missing Anything} I can't think of anything. Maybe a really strong coffee! 

{Baby Girl Fashion Finds} My newest baby obsession is Cotton On! Fashion Valley mall recently started carrying the baby section. The selection of clothes is too amazing to even describe. I wanted all the items in my size! Their online selection isn't great, but you must go in stores to shop! We picked up a couple dresses for this summer that I can't wait to see her in.

{Surprise of The Week} I had to do the dreaded glucose test this week. I was very, very nervous going into it. I totally thought the drink was going to be disgusting and hard to hold down. To my surprise, it tasted like flat orange crush! This was such a relief. I am so glad to have this test behind me!

{Best Moment Of The Week} This past weekend Tyler and I spent 4 hours working on our registry. It was so fun! We went up and down every isle at least twice. Who knew you needed SO many things for such a tiny little human. I loved having that gun in my hand :) By the end of our session I felt like I could barely walk. Tyler being the amazing guy he is treated me to a pedicure. It was such a great day!

XOXO, Kayla 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

.Cheetah Print & A Bow Tie.

Blouse, c/o BUMPstyle Box // Jeans, H&M // Booties, Target // Sunnies, Karen Walker // Bracelets, Jcrew, Sira & Mara // Necklace, c/o The Shiny Mix // Lips, MAC 'Pink Nouveau'

I die for this blouse! Between the cheetah print and the bow tie, I don't think this top could get anymore  perfect. Before I was pregnant, I was always wearing flowy blouses. Shockingly, it has been quite hard to find one that's flattering these days. I tend to lean towards tighter fitting tops because they show off the bump rather than making me just look large! This has been the first one that I have fallen in love with. Needless to say it was a happy day today when I tried it on!

I recently had the pleasure of working with BUMPstyle box. BUMPstyle delivers chic maternity clothes to your front door without any fuss. You simply sign up, take the style survey, and a personal stylist handles the rest! She picks out adorable tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories that match your style. The pieces are then sent to your house so you can play dress up in the comfort of your own home. That's hands down my favorite part! I love that you can mix them in with what you already have in your closet to make sure they are practical for your everyday wardrobe. You can keep everything or pick and choose. You just send back what you don't want. Talk about making shopping simple! {You can sign up here}

XOXO, Kayla

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

.Pastel Floral.

Dress, Forever 21 {cream version} // Jacket, old {similar here & here} // Necklaces, c/o Urbanite {10% off with code: KOTINERU}, BaubleBar {seriously dying for this one!} // Bracelets, c/o Sage K. & Co. // Sunnies, Karen Walker // Nails, Essie 'Under Where?' {currently obsessed with!}

Apparently San Diego decided that winter is over and it's spring time. I'm usually upset about this because I love the cooler weather, especially while I'm pregnant...hello hot flashes!! This weekend I didn't mind it so much and it actually inspired me to dress the occasion. I have been on the lookout for cute, effortless dresses that can be dressed up and down. I also have been looking for pieces that I can wear after the baby is here. On Saturday we popped into Fashion Valley and I had to take a quick peek in Forever 21. I really don't feel like any mall trip is complete without a stop in there! I came across this adorable blue floral dress and it was only $13.90. God had answered my prayers :) The back has a pretty lace detail too. It also comes in a cream version that I linked above. I felt these dresses were too good of a deal not to share. Happy Shopping, loves! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

XoXo, Kayla 

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

.Sequin Pocket.

Shirt, c/o Pink Blush Maternity // Jeans, c/o Pink Blush Maternity // Booties, c/o Impressions Online Boutique // Necklaces, c/o Shop Urbanite & The Limited {old, obsessed with these!} // Bracelets, c/o INpink, c/o Sage K. & Co. // Purse, Tory Burch // Sunnies, Karen Walker

Here I am again wearing my Pink Blush jeans (last seen here) that I simply can't get enough of! Confession time, I wear them more than I would truthfully like to admit. #cantstopwontstop :) My coworker made a comment to me the other day about how she thought I would be living in leggings since I was pregnant. While I do love lounging & living in my leggings (especially these ones), these jeans are just so amazing, I don't mind wearing them at all! Not only are they comfortable, but they're so dang cute! The only sad thing is I'll miss them when I'm not pregnant! I do have to say, I am looking forward to the day when I can button a pair of pants again, ha! I really can't go on and on about these enough. They are totally on my top pregnancy must have list!

I've also been LOVING this fun shirt! I have always been about sparkle and bling when it comes to my wardrobe, so naturally this sequins pocket stole my heart! I love that it's casual enough for everyday wear, but can easily be dressed up for date night or any adventure that comes your way!

I am so excited because we are going to start working on our baby registry this weekend. I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time. I have been doing a lot of research on the best products and asking around for top baby must haves! I would love you to share with me what you couldn't live without when you brought your little one home!! Thank you :)

P.S. I got a new camera lens for Christmas that we are still playing around with. Please excuse the kind of weird coloring. We will get the hang of it!

XoXo, Kayla

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Friday, January 9, 2015

.23 Week Baby Bump Update.

Necklaces, c/o Mindy Mae's Market & c/o TAudrey // Dress, Forever 21 // Blazer, Target // Tights, Target Maternity {love them!} // Sunnies, Karen Walker // Bracelets, c/o Inpink & Jcrew // Lips, Revlon 'Sweetheart'

I'm not going to lie, this week has been a rather rough one! A lot of his has to do with that fact that I'm running off very little sleep. I have also been getting an upset tummy in the evenings. It's not nearly as bad as the early days with all the morning sickness. I think I'll feel a lot better when I catch up on my sleep this weekend :)

{Due Date} May 2, 2015

{Gender} Sweet baby girl! 

{Name} Her initials are KGS

{Baby's Size} Large Mango

{Sleep} Sleep is still the biggest struggle. I wake up 4 times a night and the leg cramps are back! It seems like I just get comfortable right around 6:00am when it's time to get up! Any mamas out there with advice on how they got better sleep??

{Cravings} My sweet tooth has really kicked in this week! Which is just nuts since I'm usually more of salty/savory kind of gal. I have found myself at Trader Joe's twice this week buying their dark chocolate peanut butter & cookie butter cups. I'm really dying for a sprinkles cupcake too, I think I might try and talk Tyler into taking a trip there this weekend.

{Food Aversion}  Certain kinds of chicken, depending on how it was cooked, and Mexican food. My brain knows I still love Mexican food, but without fail, every time I try to eat it, my tummy disagrees! This is NOT an easy food aversion while living in San Diego. Maybe I'll order rolled tacos to eat after I deliver! 

{Feeling} So anxious to meet her! This week I have been obsessed with reading other bloggers birth stories and it's just making me more excited for our day to be here so we can meet her. I was talking to Tyler the other day about how we have no idea what she's going to look like. I'm really hoping she looks like her daddy :) 

{Missing Anything} Nothing that I can think of out weighs getting to carry around our baby girl everyday.

{Baby Girl Fashion Finds} I've been meeting & connecting with a lot of other mamas to be and baby boutiques via Instagram. It's been great! I have spent countless hours scrolling though the shop feeds making a mental list of all the bows, beanies, and outfits. This week I fell in LOVE with the shop Sydnie Lynn Couture. Baby K will definitely have this crown in her collection! Oh and this leopard bow, I mean I can't handle all the cuteness!! 

{Best Moment Of The Week} She has been SO active. I'm talking dance parties in my tummy all day long. It's just so neat knowing everything I do and everywhere I go she's with me. 

XOXO, Kayla 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

.Bows & Plaid.

Sweater, LC Lauren Conrad // Button Up, Old Navy // Jeans, c/o Pink Blush Maternity {non-maternity version here & here} // Necklace, c/o Accessory Concierge // Flats, Forever 21 // Sunnies, Karen Walker // Bracelets, Brina Box, Jcrew, c/o Sage. K. & Co. 

I wore this look the week of Christmas. I really think it's festive with the plaid, bows, and the red lip, but still semi casual. I had my eye on this sweater for weeks, but I patiently waited for it to go on sale. Finally a couple weeks before Christmas I was able to get on sale and free shipping... #winning!
I've said it once and I'll say it again, Lauren Conrad really knows how to do a bow. I think every piece of clothing I own from her line has a bow on it! The jeans I paired with this look are my absolute favorite maternity jeans from Pink Blush Maternity. They're so unbelievably comfortable and cute, you'll forget you're wearing maternity jeans. They really are a must have for any mom to be! Bonus points for them being under $50 too! Next on my wish list is this distressed pair.  For any ladies that are wondering, they do run true to size.

XOXO, Kayla

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Friday, January 2, 2015

.22 Week Baby Bump Update.

{Due Date} May 2, 2015...I know in my previous posts it has been April 28, 2015, but our doctor has had us go back to our original due date for the time being. The reason for changing the due date to April was because at our mid pregnancy ultrasound, the tech told us that the machine was reading her due date as the 28th. At the time she was already weighing 12 ounces, which was a couple ounces ahead of where she should be, so it looks like we might have a big baby! Fingers crossed for not over 8 pounds!!

{Gender} Sweet baby girl! 

{Name} Her initials are KGS

{Baby's Size} Eggplant, averaging 1-1.3 pounds 

{Am I Showing?} Totally! I live in maternity jeans, leggings and dresses. Normal shirts still fit thankfully.

{Sleep}Sleep has not been my friend over the last week. I can't really seem to get comfortable and I wake up every other hour because my back hurts or I have to pee. The only thing really saving me is my Bumpnest. I wouldn't be getting any sleep without it.  

{Cravings} Lots of water, veggies, fruit, and In-N-Out Burger. I only let myself get In-N-Out once every couple weeks, but it sure does sound delicious every single day!! It really doesn't help that I work right down the street from one.

{Food Aversion}  The smell of alcohol, certain kinds of chicken depending on how it was cooked, and Mexican food. 

{Feeling} Like time is flying by and we have a lot to do before her arrival!

{Missing Anything} Not at all.

{Baby Girl Fashion Finds} There has been so many this week, but sadly most of the cute outfits are not online. One of my favorites was this Minnie Mouse outfit she got for Christmas. I die over that beanie!! She also got a couple pairs of these Old Navy leggings in white with gold hearts and polka dots. They're going to be perfect with all her cute tops.

{Best Moment Of The Week} Celebrating the holidays with all of our family. Christmas was so special and magical as usual, but the best part was opening all the gifts & cards for our baby! Our baby girl was beyond spoiled and you could feel the love. Everything we opened was so cute and made it feel more real that next year, she'll be here to celebrate with us. One of the cutest things was a card from her auntie on her present that read " To: Baby Smith, Our Darling Dream". Yes, I almost cried :)

XOXO, Kayla 

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