Wednesday, December 31, 2014

.Burgundy Maxi.

Dress, c/o Pink Blush Maternity, On sale! {non maternity version here & here} // Faux Fur Vest, Brickyard Buffalo {not available right now, love this one}  // Necklace, Jcrew {not online} //  Clutch, Claire Vivier // Sunnies, Karen Walker // Bracelets, Jcrew {not online, love this & this}

One of the more challenging things the past couple of months since becoming pregnant (besides cutting back on caffeine, lol) has been learning how to adjust my wardrobe and style the bump. When it comes to shopping and building my wardrobe, I have always been about saving a dollar and taking advantage of a good sale; all the while not sacrificing on fashion. Truthfully, this has been 10 times harder with my ever expanding waist line. There has been many frustrating moments and maybe a couple tears shed standing in my closet trying to get ready. Please, please don't get me wrong, I LOVE my belly and knowing that I have a healthy baby girl growing in there. I wouldn't trade that for the world! I just had to get creative and really do my research on where to find the best deals and cutest pieces when it comes to maternity lines.

I'm not kidding when I tell you I took this very seriously. I spent hours online googling maternity boutiques and stores that carried maternity lines. There was a couple obvious ones that I popped into in person and was, to say the least, very unimpressed. Either their clothes were frumpy or outrageous and I just couldn't justify a purchase. Finally, thanks to Instagram and Google I came across my savior, Pink Blush Maternity! I have died and gone to maternity clothes heaven. They had everything I was looking for. Cute, stylish, and very affordable!! I wore this outfit on Christmas and got so many compliments from my family and friends. I'm really loving this color paired with the faux fur.This has to be my favorite look I've styled since getting pregnant. For all you non-pregnant girls falling in love with their pieces, Pink Blush also has a super cute line for you girls as well.

I have to take a minute to give Tyler's mom a shout out. She knows how much I love Jcrew and their jewelry. When she was in Scottsdale, AZ she stopped in a high-end consignment shop and found this necklace! She tucked it away to surprise me on Christmas. It's from a couple seasons back and I always kicked myself for not adding it to my collection. I can't even tell you how excited I was to open it Christmas morning. I'm glad I never got it because it's that much more special now!

I can't believe that this will be my last post of 2014 and I have a full year of blogging under my belt now. I really want to thank all of you for the support, love, and encouragement in 2014. It's been such a great year getting to share my passion with all of you, making new friends along the way, and learning so much about myself. I am so inspired by you guys each and every day!!  I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store. I have a feeling it's going to be the best year ever!!

XOXO, Kayla

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Friday, December 19, 2014

.21 Week Baby Bump Update.

{Due Date} April 28th 2015

{Gender} Sweet baby girl! 

{Name} Still not ready to share her name but I will tell you her initials are KGS.

{Baby's Size} She's now about the size of a cantaloupe. How is that even possible?! It's blowing my mind how fast she's growing.

{Am I Showing?} yes, yes, yes! Over the weekend, when Tyler and I were Christmas shopping, we made a pit stop into A Pea In The Pod. I have been seriously struggling with finding the perfect leggings that are actually comfortable. I tried their line and fell in love! They're seriously heaven on your legs. I highly recommend them if you're looking for pregnancy leggings. They are also fairly inexpensive too, compared to a lot of other brands out there! 

{Sleep} Getting better! I have made peace with the fact that it will never be the same. My Bumpnest pillow is the only thing that's saving me. I honestly can't rave about this beautiful invention enough. It makes it so easy for me to sleep on my side without my back feeling like it's going to break in half. A new thing I did experience this week that I could do without is leg cramps! Those things are no joke! They woke me from a dead sleep!

{Cravings} Lots of Water, Veggies & Fruit, and cucumber dill  tea sandwiches. 

{Food Aversion} Still brewed coffee, the smell of alcohol, and chicken kind of grosses me out too depending on how it's cooked. 

{Feeling} Super happy! So far in my pregnancy, I haven't been overly emotional or moody. Something I think Tyler is thankful for, haha.

{Missing Anything} If I'm being honest, I'm would love a glass of champagne. In general I don't miss alcohol at all, but I think it's the fact that it's the holidays that's making me miss a glass of bubbly!

{Baby Girl Fashion Finds} From the moment we found out that we were having a girl, I can't go shopping without popping over to any baby section to take a peek. I have really been trying to be good and not buy her too much, but sometimes I just can't resist! I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my finds over the next 19 weeks! This week my favorite purchase is these leopard overalls!! Seriously, does it get any cuter?! I want a pair in my size so we can be twins!

{Best Moment Of The Week} This week we experienced the best moment so far in my pregnancy. We both got to feel the baby kick!! The first time I got to feel it was when I was at work and I got SO excited. I immediately text Tyler to tell him. Then over the weekend we were having a rather laid back Christmas morning filled with pancakes, The Santa Claus and wrapping presents when I felt her moving around again. I laid down so Tyler could try and feel her and sure enough he got to feel her little kicks & punches multiple times! It was so special. Her daily dance parties (usually in the morning) have made everything feel so real and made me feel that much more excited!

XOXO, Kayla 

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Friday, December 12, 2014

.20 Week Baby Bump Update.

I can't tell you how fast this pregnancy is flying by! It feels like just yesterday we found out about our little peanut. I have been wanting to document everything and I thought what better time to start than now! I'm not sure if it will be a weekly or every other week thing since I don't want to bore all of you if there isn't too much of a difference from week to week. I know that I have really enjoyed reading other girls "bump updates" and seeing where I am in comparison, so I thought why not share with other girls how my adventure is going :)

{Due Date} April 28th 2015, 20 weeks along. Yay for being half way!!  My original due date was May 2nd, but when we just had our mid pregnancy ultrasound, they moved it up because she is measuring further along. This is totally fine by me! We are dying to meet her, so the sooner the better! 

{Gender} Sweet baby girl! 

{Name} I'm 99% sure we have finally decided on her name! We aren't ready to share just yet but I will tell you her first name starts with a "K".

{Baby's Size} According to my pregnancy app the baby is now the size of a Mango. At our ultrasound the other night they told us she weighs 12 ounces! 

{Am I Showing?} Um...yes! The bump really popped over the last couple weeks and is definitely here to stay.

{Sleep} Sleep has been rough! I am a back sleeper, so trying to sleep on my left side is a nightmare. I have to change sides often or my hips fall asleep and my back hurts. I also wake up at least 2 times to pee. Oh and the dreams, they're on another level! Crazy, vivid, and just beyond weird! But, I finally ordered a bumpnest  and it got here yesterday. I don't know why I waited so long to get one, because last night was the best sleep I've had in weeks! I actually felt rested when I woke up and not like I had slept on a bed of rocks. If you're pregnant, or not (Tyler loves it too) go get one now! It even came with a matching beanie for the baby.

{Cravings} Creamy guacamole, hot chocolate with whipped cream, lots of water, orange juice and Tyler's Grandma's cookies.

{Food Aversion} Brewed coffee, the smell of alcohol, bacon, anything spicy...this is only because of heartburn central that has been happening almost daily. It breaks my heart because normally I live off anything & everything spicy!! I've never had heartburn until this pregnancy. Spicy food really brings it on so I'm learning what to eat and what to give up for now. I also have a purse full of Tums :) According to all those wives' tales out there, it means she's going to have a full head of hair! 

{Feeling} All around I've been feeling great. Besides the normal pregnancy side effects, I have been feeling like my normal self and really enjoying this adventure. The fact that it's Christmas, my favorite time of the year, is making this experience that much better!

{Missing Anything} Sushi! Seared Ahi with a giant side of wasabi sounds like heaven.

{Best Moment Of The Week} Hands down the best moment was going to our mid pregnancy ultrasound and seeing our little peanut on screen for about 45 minutes. She was pretty camera shy and hiding, but it was still amazing! Since we did decide to find out the gender early I was relieved when they confirmed she is a girl, yay! Thank goodness or we would have been returning a lot of really cute outfits. I've never loved going to the doctors so much. We got see her little feet and hands. They were even able to count, she has all ten toes and ten fingers. My favorite part is always getting to hear her heartbeat. It's my favorite sound in the whole wide world :)

Happy Friday, loves! Thanks for stopping by.

XOXO, Kayla 

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

.Sweater Love.

Entire Outfit is Miss Match {call to order, 619-223-5500} // Remember to use code: Kayla20 for 20% off your order!

Back with another look from Miss Match Boutique. When I was there last month shooting looks, I fell in love with this sweater. It's open on the sides, so you can wear whatever shirt or blouse under it to totally change up your look. It's also super flattering, I mean you can't even tell I'm pregnant in it :) In these pictures it's paired with the magical leggings that you've heard me go on & on about. I'm not joking when I say you NEED a pair. They carry them in a rainbow of colors. Lucky for you they are hosting a giveaway on their Facebook {here} so you could win a pair!! 

I'll be back tomorrow with a new series I'm starting and I'm really excited! In the meantime, enjoy your Friday Eve!

P.S. Did you catch the amazing $800 Nordstrom Giftcard Giveaway that I am hosting with 29 other amazing bloggers over on Instagram?! Who couldn't use an extra $800 to spend at Nordstrom? Think of all the gift and outfit options just in time for the holidays :)

XOXO, Kayla

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