Monday, December 30, 2013

.Hat Love.

Hat, Elysian (Sold out, get on the waiting list) // Jeans, Gap (On SALE!) // Blouse, Forever 21(sold out) Similar  // Shoes, Chinese Laundry  // Purse, Forever 21 (not online) Love this one // Sunnies,
Ray-Ban //Necklace, Mindy Maes Market // Watch, Kate Spade // Bracelets, Groopdealz & Jcrew // Lips, Mac 'Lickable' // Nails, Essie 'Island Hopping' 

Normally I am not much of a hat girl. I love the way they look on other people and I always try them on when I'm shopping. But, I always feel like something looks off. When I came across this hat while shopping online one day, I knew I had to have it! I didn't care how "dorky" I thought I looked. I was going to find a way to pull it off. I put it on my Christmas list and completely forgot about it. You can imagine the excitement when I opened it up on Christmas morning! I immeditely threw it on my head and started dreaming of the outfits I would put together. Since it's always summer here in San Diego, (it was 80 on Christmas!) this will be a piece that constantly gets used. I think it's safe to say, this hat has changed the way I feel about wearing hats!! 

On a side not, how cute are these pants?! Also, they are beyond comfortable. My mom and I each scored a pair the day after Christmas from Gap for only $20.99!! Can you believe it! They were marked down and then 50% off the sale price. If you get a chance, run to your nearest Gap and check them out. I've always heard girls rave about their skinnies & sexy boyfriend jeans, now I know why!! 

XOXO, Kayla 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

.Put A Bow On It.

Dress, H&M (not online) Available in Stores// Jacket, Forever 21 (last Christmas) Love This One // Tights, Target// Booties, Target // Clutch, RED Valentino // Sunnies, Ray Ban // Necklace, Jcrew (sold out) Love This One // Bracelets, Jcrew  // Nails, OPI 'Lincoln Park After Dark' // Lips, Covergirl 'Eternal'

As you can tell by now, I am a complete sucker for anything with a bow on it. Back in November I took a trip down to Fashion Valley to search for a couple dresses. I knew that the holidays were going to sneak up on us and I wanted to have a couple options on hand. There's nothing more stressful than shopping for an outfit at the last minute! I happened to go in H&M that day and knew that this dress was coming home with me. This dress was everything I wanted. It's almost identical to this Kate Spade dress I wanted at the beginning of the year. The only difference, this one was $29.99 & the Kate Spade dress was well over $400. Don't you just love when being patience pays off?!

I ended up wearing the dress for our Christmas cards. This was our first year to send out cards as a couple, which was very exciting. I thought I'd share with you guys the two pictures that made it on our card. Shout out to my awesome mom that took our pictures :)

Merry Christmas Eve!!
XOXO, Kayla

Friday, December 20, 2013

.Friday Favs.

Scarf, Gap (not online, but 40% off in stores!!)
I can't get enough of my "tall, soy, one pump peppermint latte"!! I went on strike from Starbucks awhile back because Tyler always makes us coffee in the morning and it's delicious. But one day I popped into my local Starbucks because I needed a serious pick-me-up and decided to try this drink. Ok, this is quite possibly the best coffee drink I've ever had. I know that's a pretty bold statement but what can I say I am in love! Every time I take a drink it's followed by a "yum" and a huge smile. I'm telling you, do your taste buds a favor and try it. You can thank me later!

I originally downloaded this song because of the title. Ha, lame, I know. But, I am a huge believer that sweater weather is better weather! Maybe it's because I live in one of the sunniest places in the United States, so I rarely get to be bundle up, but I love nothing more than an over sized sweater and a hot cup of tea! When this song comes on in the car, I crank it up and sing at the top of my lungs. It's a good one!

I had to throw in a picture of my fur angel, Tucker. If you don't know already, we lost our family dog earlier this week. I'm not going to get all sappy & make myself cry but I had to include him this week. He will always be my favorite. This picture was taken a couple summers back and I just love it. He was such a little ham for the camera. I'm sure he's hamming it up in heaven and that makes me smile :)

My cousin sent me this quote on Pinterest earlier this week & knew instantly I wanted to share it with you guys. It's so true, right? Ok, maybe us girls aren't saving the world with sequins, but we are helping the world be a more stylish place!

Nyx, Butter Gloss 'Strawberry Parfait' & 'Eclair'
 Confession, I watch beauty Youtube videos every night before I go to bed. Makeup is definitely not my strong point. When I go into Sephora or pass by the makeup counters, I get so overwhelmed and give up. By watching these girls I have found lots of products I can't live without and slowly I'm learning how to apply makeup! This week my new obsession is these Nyx lip glosses. They are so creamy without being overly sticky, which I personally hate! They also have nice color pay off and a pretty lovely smell. I picked these up from Target for $4.99, winning!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

.Color Crush.

Blouse, Old Navy// Vest, Target// Jeans, Jcrew (old) Similar// Glitter Flats, Old Navy// Clutch, Kate Spade (old) Similar  // Necklace, Jcrew (sold out) Similar// Bracelets, Jcrew (sold out) Love This One// Watch, Kate Spade// Nails, OPI 'Lincoln Park After Dark' // Lips, Covergirl 'Eternal'

Yes, I am wearing the same vest as my last post just in the lighter version. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was having a hard time deciding between the two. I finally gave in and just snagged both. If you have been searching for a faux fur vest, you know it's nearly impossible to get your hands on one. There was no way I was going to leave this one behind! On another note can we talk about the color of this blouse?! I love the way it looks against the vest. I wore it to a family Christmas party the other night and I felt more than festive! It was a nice alternative to the predictable red blouse. 

It's been really hard to put this post together tonight. I have such a heavy heart. This morning we had to put down our beloved family Yorkie, Tucker. He was the sweetest little man I've ever met. He always greeted us with loads of kisses and wouldn't stop till you gave him lots of loving. He could brighten anyones day and brought so much joy to everyone around him. He was only here for 8 short years, but made such an impact on our hearts. I want to thank everyone for the sweet texts & phone calls. This has been one of the hardest days but the one thing getting me through is knowing he is running around in heaven! 

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Monday, December 16, 2013

.Faux Fur.

Dress, H&M (old) Loving this one & it's on mega sale!// Faux Fur Vest, Target (in some stores)// Belt, Zara//Tights, Madewell (last season) Similar// Booties, Target// Bow Bag, Forever 21 (old) Similar// Sunnies, Chanel//Necklace, Mindy Mae's Market// Watch, Kate Spade// Bracelets, Jcrew Factory (not online) Similar, Forever 21 & Jcrew

When I first spotted this vest online a couple weeks ago I knew I had to have it. The only problem was that it was sold out in my size online & in every Target in San Diego. Of course, this always happens to me. But I wasn't going to stop till I had it in my closet. It's borderline embarrassing how many hours went into finding this beauty. As fate would have it, Friday I tracked it down! All my hard work had paid off, and boy did I feel like I had accomplished some sort of fashion obstacle! Once I got it home I had a new problem, it literally looked great with everything I tried on. This is a problem I welcome with open arms! I really loved the way it looked against the rich blue tone of this dress! It's the perfect holiday outfit that can be worn during the day to brunch or transition into the night for cocktail hour. Girls, go run to your nearest Target & pick up this vest, you won't regret it! 

XOXO, Kayla

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Friday, December 13, 2013

.Friday Favs.

Well, we made it, Happy Friday!! Another week down and less than two weeks till Christmas! I've had an amazing week filled with family and Christmas activities. Here are a couple things that I have been loving this week. Hope you enjoy!

Bracelets, (Mint Anchor) Groopdealz // (Pearls & Pave Link) Jcrew

It's no secret that I love my jewelry! Since I have accumulated so many pieces over the past couple years, I am constantly trying to come up with cute ways to organize and display them. When I was browsing the isles at TJ Maxx the other day I came across this little cutie. I knew immediately it was coming home with me! I love the way it looks on my dresser. So girly!!
Pants, Nordstrom 

I don't really think I need to explain why I love these. They kind of speak for themselves. Gold & Sequins, what more could a girl ask for?? When I first noticed these in Nordstrom, I figured they were going to be the kind of thing that looked great on the hanger but awkward when you put them on. I was so wrong! OMG, they are adorable. If these don't scream party pants then I don't know what does. Did I mention that they also feel like you are wearing freaking sweat pants! These pants are a dream! 

Ring, Forver 21(not online)// All Bracelets, Jcrew// Shoes, Shoemint

This sweet little XO ring has quickly found a place in my heart. I didn't get a chance to shop on cyber monday due to work. But this was my one score! Forever 21 was offering free shipping so I couldn't pass it up. It's even more adorable in person. I have a feeling it won't be coming off my fingers very often :)

Flats, Old Navy// Bracelets, Jcrew & Forever 21// Flannel, Old navy// Jeans, Forever 21

I stalked these flats online for weeks but never pulled the trigger, don't ask me why! Then when I decided that I needed them, they sold out of my size & weren't available in stores in San Diego. I was pretty bummed and mad at myself for dropping the ball. As luck would have it, I popped in the Santee Old Navy to pick up a Christmas present and they had one pair and it was my size!! I didn't even think twice, it was fate :) To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. They seriously look like they would be well over $150, but wallet thanked me for the $20 price tag!

(Via Pinterest)
I've been loving this quote this week! Life is great, and too often I think we get caught up comparing our lives with others and thinking ours isn't good enough. I know I have been guilty of that! I think I am going to print this out and frame it. It would look great on my night stand as a reminder every morning!

Cheers to an amazing weekend!!

XOXO, Kayla

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

.Minnie Mouse.

Blouse, Forever 21 // Leggings, (not online) Similar // Purse, (old) Similar // Flats, (Jcrew, old) loving these // Earrings, Groopdealz // Watch, Kate Spade // Bracelets, Jcrew & Forever 21 (neither online) Loving this & this // Nails, Essie // Lips, Revlon Lip Butter

 Have you ever been shopping and spotted something from across the store and known instantly that it's going home with you?! That's exactly what happened when I locked eyes on this beauty! It was like one of those slow motion moments, I felt like someone was going to grab my size before I made my way over there! Not to be dramatic or anything, ha. It screamed modern day minnie mouse, and that made me very happy. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE all things Disney. I knew I wanted to pair it with my new favorite motto leggings and black flats, which I happened to ha I'm thinking next I will style it with a sequins skirt, black tights and my black leather booties. Oh the options, I'm getting excited just thinking about it!!

XOXO, Kayla

Friday, December 6, 2013

.Friday Favs.

Whooo, it's finally Friday!!! Are you excited for the weekend!? I know I am! I've been anxiously awaiting this weekend for a while now. On Saturday I am hosting my first annual Christmas Tea at our house. I have put a lot of work into planning the menu, decor and little details so I am beyond ready for it to be here. It's such a great excuse for us girls to get together, put on our favorite holiday attire and indulge in some fun girl talk. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures to share on the blog. I hope you guys have lots of fun holiday plans this weekend and enjoy yourselves, maybe indulge in some egg nog :)

I have been trying a lot of tea in the past couple weeks to see what I wanted to serve at the party. Some good, some not so good (Sugar cookie sleigh ride, YUCK). I originally bought this tea because of the cute tin, I thought it would be cute with some little tea roses in it. To my surprise, I fell head over heels in love with this tea! Oh my gosh, it's like Christmas in a cup! If you like black tea, I strongly recommend this one. It's just the right amount of spicy. I might have to go buy a couple more tins since it's a seasonal item! (Side note, Harney & Sons also makes the most delicious green tea with hints of coconut, ginger & all time fav!)

                                                                    (Via Pinterest)

I have always been a huge fan of reading inspirational quotes. But for some reason, this one really hit home with me. It lit a fire in me and is actually one of the main reasons I finally got up the courage to start my blog! I'm sure a lot of people, just like me struggle daily with what we want to do with our lives. For me, I have always known that I wanted to do something with fashion. Fashion makes me feel alive, I like to say it "makes my heart beat". Starting this blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I hope you enjoy the quote as much as I do!

When Tyler and I got down the Christmas decorations the other day I came across this little gem. I bought it last year & totally forgot about it, so you imagine the happy dance that took place in our living room when we were reunited. It's no secret that I have a love affair with leopard! This little ornament is twinsies with my real life rain boots that were last seen here.

If you told me I could only buy one new blouse for the holiday season this year, I would pick this one. Hands down! It's the perfect balance of girly and classy. The bows and the peter pan collar are just perfection. Bravo, Lauren Conrad!

XOXO Kayla

Thursday, December 5, 2013

.My Kind of Desert.

When my mom told me that we would being spending the Thanksgiving weekend out in Borrego Springs I was ecstatic! The first thought I had was, " what am I going to pack?!". Well, that's always my first thought when we have a vacation planned. I immediately start mentally putting together outfits designed around the activities we'll be doing. Borrego is unique, It's mostly a golf town with a handful of shops, bars, and restaurants. If you ever find yourself out there, stop by the Borrego Resort for a Mai Tai, best I've ever had! Anyways, when I first started planning my outfits, I immediately pictured my beloved flamingo shirt! It's such a great blouse that can be dressed up or down. I don't know why but the cute little flamingos just screamed desert to me! I decided to style it with the indigo skinny jeans I was raving about in my last post. I topped it off with my fringe booties and lots of jewelry, of course.

XOXO, Kayla

Blouse, Forever 21// Jeans, (Forever 21, sold out)Similar // Boots, Similar// Watch, Kate Spade // Necklaces, Bauble Bar & Jcrew (old) Similar// Sunnies, Anthro

Monday, December 2, 2013


Jeans, Forever 21 (sold out right now online) Very Similar// Blouse, (not online) Similar// Sweater, (really old) Similar// Flats, Similar// Sunnies, Anthro// Purse, (on sale!) Forever 21// Bracelets, Forever 21 & Jcrew// Watch, Kate Spade

When I first tried these pants on, I knew I had to have them in every color! I originally bought them in indigo. Sadly, every Forever 21 in San Diego was sold out of the Jade color. I was pretty bummed, because I wanted to have them for the holiday weekend. This past weekend my family went out to Borrego Springs to enjoy the sunshine, cocktails and lots of golf. On Saturday, us girls decided to take a mini road trip into Palm Desert. As luck would have it, the Forever 21 had the Jade color! It was a Thanksgiving miracle :) If you are loving the colored skinny jean trend, I highly recommend you go check these out! In the past I have spent lots of money to have pants this comfortable that still look cute. These ones are only $15.80, I think that means you can get every color!

XOXO, Kayla