Friday, January 27, 2017

.Wedding Wednesday, Bridesmaids Proposal Box.

{Photo Credit: Samantha Dimock Photo}

Personalized Champagne Flutes, c/o Cambridge Avenue || 
Bow Earrings, c/o Wedding Favorites 
Cake Pops, c/o Bee's Pops {website || Instagram} || Peony Candle, DW Candles 
Gold Foil Straws, TJ Maxx {similar here}

I know what you're probably thinking...yes, I know it's Friday, not Wednesday! This week did not go at all like I had planned it. Kennedy started coming down with a cold Monday night and didn't sleep a wink which meant I was up with her. Her cold turned into a pretty bad ear infection and to top it off she got pink eye!! Now we all know there's nothing worse than watching your baby suffer when they're sick, but throw pink eye into the mix and the world's falling apart. Tyler and I have probably washed our hands about 10 million times this week because we were not about to get it!! With all this said, now you know why I am posting a couple days late. Over the last 20 months I have truly learned that Mom life never really goes as planned. Thankfully, our little love has made a turn for the better and she's feeling a lot better!

Now on to something I have been dying to share with all of you! A little over a week ago I had the absolute pleasure of proposing to my bridesmaids. Well almost all of them. One I had already asked back in November while we were in Arizona {I talked about it here} and the other is out of town and we have't got to ask her yet. 

I started thinking about this day pretty much right after Tyler proposed. Picking the ladies that stand by your side on your big day is such a huge deal! To me it was no-brainer when thinking about who I wanted to ask. Every single one of these ladies has been in my life either from day one {no joke, my maid of honor is my cousin and 3 days younger than me!} or we have been friends for at least a decade! I love these girls and couldn't image them not being in my bridal party.

I really wanted to make this day super special for them. I started brainstorming exactly what I wanted to do around October. Yes, over 4 months ago! I'm such a crazy planner. I knew I wanted to put together fun boxes that they would enjoy and make an afternoon of it. After putting countless hours into searching Instagram & Etsy, I really feel like I found the cutest wedding vendors around. 

*Cambridge Avenue*
One day when I was scrolling on Instagram I stumbled upon Cambridge Avenue and it was love at first sight!! I seriously couldn't like her photos fast enough. Everything she makes is gorgeous! I immediately knew her customized gold champagne flutes were a must for gift boxes!! The owner, Kathryn, was beyond helpful and made the experience SO fun! I went back and forth between the gold and rose gold, but in the end went with gold. I also decided to all lower case. You guys, I thought I loved these beauties online, when they arrived I nearly died! They were perfect!! Perfection doesn't quite do them justice, they were that good. They were for sure the talk of the winery when they opened them. The fun part is too, not only did we get to enjoy them that day, but they will get to sip their mimosas out of them the day of our wedding!

*Wedding Favorites/Mod Party*
Another adorable shop that I found while looking around was, Wedding Favorites! If you're planning any type of wedding event, they carry just about anything you can think of!! I wanted to get the girls a piece of jewelry and ended up going with their 'Tie The Knot Earrings'. The little dainty bows caught my eye immediately and I knew they would be the sweetest touch. They come in a super cute box that has a gold foil heart on it. I loved these little cuties so much, I wished I could keep a pair ;) They would also make a great gift if you're looking for a little something to give your bridesmaids the day of your wedding. I've been looking around their shop with my bachelorette party in mind {because again they carry everything!} and how cute are these hats and these cups?! It's safe to say, I'll be a repeat customer!!

*Bee's Pops*
The gift box would not have been complete without a sweet treat! And what girl doesn't love a cake pop?! The answer is every girl loves cake pops, at least every one I know :) Bee's Pops is local and I had never tasted their treats before working with them for the gift boxes. I decided to go with funfetti for the flavor and o-m-g were they delicious!! I don't want to tell you how many I actually had, haha! But apart from them being so yummy, they were just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen!! I worked with the darling owner, Beronica, to create a pop that would fit right in with the girly vibe we had going. I'd have to say she nailed it with the gold polka dots & pink bow!! If you're looking for adorable cake pops or a cake for any event, make sure to get in touch with Bee's Pops. You'll LOVE them!! Psst..she ships if you're not local.

The boxes were a huge hit with the girls and it really gave me so much joy to spoil them. We ended up holding the event at our wedding venue. The venue is pretty large and part of it is a winery. The plan was to hold it outside, but since we had just had a rainstorm it was still pretty wet outside. We hosted the actual event inside the winery and then headed outside to play with the cows and explore the grounds. 

My mom put together almost all the food and decorations. She did such an amazing job! Looking back at the photos, I'm dying to have that cheese plate again!! It looked so pretty, like something out of a magazine. The day was filled with laughter, tears {happy}, wine, lots of yummy food, cows, selfies {lol}, great company, and was really one of the best days ever!! It made me so excited for all the wedding actives to come and blessed to have such lovely ladies in my life! Now bring on the wedding dress shopping because that's next on the list and only a couple weeks away!

Xo, Kayla 

P.S. A huge shout out to one of my favorite photographers around, Samantha! She came and hung out with us most of the day. She got such amazing photos that I will cherish forever. If you're in San Diego and looking for a photographer, I highly recommend her!!

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