Tuesday, February 16, 2016

.The Perfect Polka Dots.

Tunic, c/o Shein // Pants, c/o Miss Match {call 619-223-5500 to order } // Necklace, c/o Harper & Jewels {15% off with code: dream15 } // Purse, Michael Kors // Fur Pom Pom, c/o The Shopping Bag // Flats, c/o The Shopping Bag {ADARLINGDREAM for 20% off } // Bracelets, J.Crew, c/o Harper & Jewels {15% off with code: dream15} , c/o Heart Tribe // Sunnies, Nordstrom

Kennedy: Bow, c/o Everly Avenye // Moccs, c/o Sophia Baby

If you took a glimpse into my closet, you'd see a lot of polka dots! Big polka dots, small polka dots, colorful polka dots, etc. You get the picture, I love them!! I can't say no to them. Even when I'm trying to mix things up and avoid them, I end up with a dressing room full of them. The heart wants what it wants, I can't help it!! So when I saw this tunic on Shein, I knew I had to have it! I've worn it so much since I got it in the mail. It's one of those classic pieces I love to have in my closet! It's going to get a lot of wear well into spring!

I did want to share a couple sizing tips with you since it can be a little scary ordering from over seas. Make sure you always read the exact measurements on the specific item you're ordering. This is so important since everything runs extremely different! If you pay close attention to the measurements you should be happy with your purchases. I can't stress this enough. Just an example, this top is listed as a dress, but I'm not quite sure who could pull this off as a dress! Also, I'm 5'6 and wearing the small. Feel free to email me if you have any more sizing questions!! 

Since starting A Darling Dream, I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of different companies. Something that always stands out to me is quality! When you order something online it can be scary. I know, personally, if I am going to spend my hard earned dollars on something, I expect the quality to be top of the line! Anything less just kind of bums me out. When I received this necklace and this bracelet from Harper & Jewels in the mail last week, I was blown away! Guys, the quality is amazing!! It is comparable with a couple well known stores that we love to drool over their pieces, but can't bring ourselves to always pay over $100 for a necklace!! Not to mention both of these pieces are gorgeous!! I highly recommend grabbing a piece or two from Harper & Jewels if you're looking to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. You can use the code: dream15 to take 15% off your purchase too!

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Xo, Kayla

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