Monday, March 7, 2016

.Funny Bunny.

Bunny Ears Clip, c/o Little Kate Designs {headband version} // Dress, c/o Eighteenthandbliss  follow along on their Instagram! // Shoes, Old Navy

Midi Skirt, Forever 21 {red & black version , blue & white} // Pink Blouse, Older {cute long sleeve version } // Necklace, c/o Harper & Jewels // Bracelets, c/o Harper & Jewels, J.Crew, c/o Heart Tribe // Flats, c/o The Shopping Bag // Lipstick, MAC 'Creme Cup'

Do you just die over her cheesy little smile in the last picture or what?! I'm not going to sugar coat it, taking photos with a VERY active 10 month is not the easiest thing! She has so many better things to do than sit still and smile for the camera! Lol I get excited when we don't get a blurry picture these days! 

Speaking of active, Kennedy took her first two steps this weekend!! We were lucky enough to catch it on camera too. It was so exciting and we are so proud of our little bunny, but I know that our world is about to be flipped upside down!! I'm not ready for her to be that mobile. On the plus side, I guess I'll be getting a workout everyday chasing after her ;)

I purchased this skirt back in January when I was looking for something to wear to our friend's wedding. I was looking for a dress, but decided to try this midi skirt just in case. Guys, that's when my love affair started. Why have I not been wearing midi skirts all these years?! I feel like I have been missing out. I love this particular print so much because the black and white stripes are so versatile. Unfortunely, I can't find this exact color online, but the same skirt in red & black is available. I also found a cute blue and white that I love for summer that I linked for you guys as well!

With Easter just a couple weeks away, be prepared for Kennedy to be wearing all things bunny! I can't help myself, it's just too darn cute. These little ears from Little Kate Desings just melt my heart! They also carry a headband version if your little one doesn't have hair. Kennedy barely had enough for them to stay! 

Oh and I definetly have to mention this too cute for words bunny dress! The bunnys that are on it are so adorable!! There's even one wearing sunglasses. It's fun, sassy, and sweet! Make sure to check out their Instagram to see what sizes they have left and get it ordered so you have it in time for Easter!!

Happy Monday, Friends! I hope it's short & your coffee is strong :)

XoXo, Kayla 

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