Wednesday, March 30, 2016

.Wedding Wednesday, Blink Lash Boutique.

Tyler and I have been engaged for about 4 months now. It feels like it was just yesterday! Truthfully, I have been slacking as far as planning anything. Kennedy's first birthday is right around the corner and I wanted to focus on that. While I haven't locked down any ceremony or venue details, I have been thinking about things that will make my bridal journey more glam. Not just glam, but services or items that will make things go smoother! 

I thought it would be fun to start a "Wedding Wednesday" series. It will be where I occasionally share with you guys things that I have been trying or purchased. If you have anything you want reviewed or want to hear about specifically, feel free to shoot me an email ( or leave me a comment on here or Instagram. 

I'm going to start with one of my all time favorite subjects, mascara and lashes! If I could only pick one beauty item for the rest of my life it would be mascara! I always feel more awake once I have my lashes on. The only downside to that is that I normally spend about 10 plus minutes actually doing them daily. At 5:30am that's way too much time to be doing my makeup, I could be spending that extra 10 minutes in bed ;) In all seriousness, now that I have Kennedy, every second is precious time and quite frankly I don't always want to spend them doing my lashes!

Thankfully, one of my family members introduced me to Blink Lash Boutique! She's been going to them for years and always raves about Blink. Not to mention her lashes always look fabulous! After lusting over her gorgeous lashes for way too long, I finally took the plunge and got extensions!

My experience with Blink was nothing short of amazing. Their salon is adorable! There's girly details everywhere, from the pink rug, to the crystal chandelier. I had the privilege of having their stylist Samantha apply my lashes. She was a delight and happened to have a little girl not much older than Kennedy, so we were able to chat the whole time. The whole process took about an hour & half since I was having a whole set put on. It felt like a spa day being able to lay there uninterrupted and just relax and get pampered. 

I went with the "blush" package for my lashes and it included 60 lashes per eye! To say I was thrilled with the finished product would be an understatement!! They look so amazing. I couldn't stop looking at them. The amazement hasn't stopped 11 days later when I get to wake up every morning and they still look fabulous. I can finally say #iwokeuplikethis :) The excitement hasn't worn off when I realize every morning that I don't have to do my lashes!! 

I highly recommend that if you're interested in getting eyelash extension, you call Blink Lash Boutique for an appointment! They have two location in San Diego. One in Mission Valley (that's where I went) and another salon in Solana Beach. They're also having some incredible Spring promotions going on so it would be the perfect time! The set I got (the blush) normally retails for $199, but it's only $125 right now! If you're looking for a more natural look, they also have the "bashful" set with 35 lashes per eye for only $75! Such a crazy deal! With Mother's Day right around the corner, it would be the perfect gift to ask for :)

(This photo was taken by James Nicolau the next day! I have zero mascara on!!)

**This post was sponsored by Blink Lash Boutique, but all opinions are my own**

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