Thursday, April 28, 2016

.Kennedy's 1st Birthday Inspiration, All Things Pink & Gold.

Ribbon Garland, c/o Confetti Momma  //  Monthly Photo Banner, c/o Confetti Momma // ONE Confetti, c/o Confetti Momma  // Crown, Love Crush Bowtique //  ONE Banner, c/o Pretty Lil Party // Rose Gold Mary Jane Moccs, c/o My Beautiful Little Shop // Gold K, Hobby Lobby

Gold Glitter One Candle, c/o Pretty Lil Party // Gold Bow Cupcake Toppers, c/o Pretty Lil Party // Pink & Gold Bow Cupcake Toppers, c/o Pretty Lil Party // Happy Birthday Banner, c/o Pretty Lil Party // Pink Tulip Bundle, TJ Maxx // Gold Polka Dot Dish, Marshalls // Party Hats, Target

Kennedy's Dress, Old Navy // My Dress, Styles For Less // Sequins Hangers, Etsy

After what feels like months of planning Kennedy's First Birthday, it's finally only a couple days away! If I'm being honest, I have been planning this birthday long before she was even born. I had the most fabulous baby shower that was also pink & gold theme, so I wanted to keep it going. Kennedy's nursery is pink and gold too...haha guess I know what I love! 

I think this will be the only party that I fully get to plan. By next year I'm sure she'll be obsessed with something that she'll want to be the theme of the party. I can't wait to see what that is! With this in mind, I wanted to take full advantage of planning this party down to every single detail. I may have got a little carried away, but hey, she only turns one once!! I'm also looking at it like, hey Tyler and I kept a tiny human alive for a whole year!! I think that also deserves a little celebration. Or maybe a toast with some champs. I'd like that too ;)

I don't have an exact theme that really has a name. I wanted the party to feel feminine, soft, girly, and a little whimsical. I went with pink and gold like I mentioned. I also added gold glitter (duh!), bows, crowns, and floral. I have had so much fun brainstorming and planning the party that I know I'll be a little sad when it's over. 

With every single package I received for the party, I did a dance party in our living room. My Pinterest dreams have been coming to life before my very eyes! Believe me when I say, every decoration for this party has stolen my heart! I have had the pleasure of working with a couple VERY amazing shops!! If you have a party coming up, I can't recommend them enough! The quality of everything is top notch, and I am a picky gal :) I am going to go into detail and tell you about each item and shop. If you have any questions that I didn't answer, feel free to email me {} and ask away! I love talking anything party/decor related!! The party is also going to be photographed and I will be sharing those pictures as well.

First up, I have to start with the one item that I knew I couldn't plan this party without, the monthly photo banner!! I have been in love with this particular piece for over a year!! I love that it has every month written out in gold lettering and the bows are such a sweet addition to the ends. I got photos printed from Fox Print that I'm going to use for it. The plan is to layer the photo banner over the fabric garland backdrop! Tyler's mom has vintage windows that I am going to use to hang both of them. I know it's going to look darling! The fabric garland backdrop on it's own is stunning! Confetti Momma makes them in multiple color combos if you're looking for a different vibe too! I love this color combo and kind of want to throw another party around it :)

When you think first birthday, you think a highchair banner! Well, at least I do. I knew from the very beginning I wanted one on Kennedy's highchair, but I wanted it to have something extra. I worked with Pretty Lil Party and they were happy to customize their banner. I opted for bows on the end with gold trim. I sent her a picture and it was exactly what I had in mind. Once again, cue the happy dance!! They also made a matching "Happy Birthday" banner in the same colors. Both the perfect statement pieces!

Pretty Lil Party also supplied our cupcake toppers. I mixed it up with some solid gold bows and gold bows with a scalloped light pink background. We won't be having cupcakes. I decided to have a donut bar for our guests instead. I'm really excited about this!! I even got a special print made for the table that I can't wait to share with you guys!! Our local donut shop bakes cute all pink sprinkle donts. I also dropped off gold sprinkles so we could add those to the spread. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I've been collecting cake plates and different trays/baskets from Home Goods & TJ Maxx over the last couple months to display the donuts. The only thing I have yet to figure out for this table is what I want to use for a table cloth!! I have about a day to figure this out. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

Another fun item that I wanted to share with you guys are these tiny little party hats from Target that my mom picked up! We have lots of little babies in our circle of friends & family. I can't wait to see them all rocking these hats.

Lastly, something I always have when I throw a party is paper straws. I love them! I feel like they always add a fun touch. My favorite shop to order them from is More Sprinkled Joy. I love all the fun options they have. I got my mom these fun leopard ones for her bar cart! I also love that they don't get soggy in your drink like some of the cheap ones do! I ordered this exact bundle {here} for the party.

Off topic from party decor, I don't think any party would be complete without a little outfit planning! It's been no secret that I adore twinning with my girl over the past year. I wasn't about to stop with her party. I was town between blush or cream for our dresses, but in the end went with blush and I'm so happy I did. Remember when Old Navy has that crazy sale back in March?? I snagged this tutu dress for Kennedy and knew immediately that it was going to be her Birthday dress. I ended up stumbling upon mine that is almost the same exact shade of blush a couple weeks later. It was fate!

I can't wait to see this party come to life on Saturday! It's always fun to see your hard work pay off. More importantly than all this party planning. I can't wait to see Kennedy spend the day with all her loved ones and friends. I also can't wait to see how see reacts to her cake :) She's pretty crazy, so I'm going to guess that she'll destroy it and have lots of fun in the process!!

Thank you for sticking around for the longest post ever :)

Xo, Kayla

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