Friday, December 20, 2013

.Friday Favs.

Scarf, Gap (not online, but 40% off in stores!!)
I can't get enough of my "tall, soy, one pump peppermint latte"!! I went on strike from Starbucks awhile back because Tyler always makes us coffee in the morning and it's delicious. But one day I popped into my local Starbucks because I needed a serious pick-me-up and decided to try this drink. Ok, this is quite possibly the best coffee drink I've ever had. I know that's a pretty bold statement but what can I say I am in love! Every time I take a drink it's followed by a "yum" and a huge smile. I'm telling you, do your taste buds a favor and try it. You can thank me later!

I originally downloaded this song because of the title. Ha, lame, I know. But, I am a huge believer that sweater weather is better weather! Maybe it's because I live in one of the sunniest places in the United States, so I rarely get to be bundle up, but I love nothing more than an over sized sweater and a hot cup of tea! When this song comes on in the car, I crank it up and sing at the top of my lungs. It's a good one!

I had to throw in a picture of my fur angel, Tucker. If you don't know already, we lost our family dog earlier this week. I'm not going to get all sappy & make myself cry but I had to include him this week. He will always be my favorite. This picture was taken a couple summers back and I just love it. He was such a little ham for the camera. I'm sure he's hamming it up in heaven and that makes me smile :)

My cousin sent me this quote on Pinterest earlier this week & knew instantly I wanted to share it with you guys. It's so true, right? Ok, maybe us girls aren't saving the world with sequins, but we are helping the world be a more stylish place!

Nyx, Butter Gloss 'Strawberry Parfait' & 'Eclair'
 Confession, I watch beauty Youtube videos every night before I go to bed. Makeup is definitely not my strong point. When I go into Sephora or pass by the makeup counters, I get so overwhelmed and give up. By watching these girls I have found lots of products I can't live without and slowly I'm learning how to apply makeup! This week my new obsession is these Nyx lip glosses. They are so creamy without being overly sticky, which I personally hate! They also have nice color pay off and a pretty lovely smell. I picked these up from Target for $4.99, winning!

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