Friday, January 23, 2015

.25 Week Baby Bump Update.

Dress, c/o BUMPstyle Box {full blog post coming soon}

I don't know how this happened but we are in double digits people!! Only 99 days until our little miracle is here!! I remember being 7 weeks pregnant thinking my due date would never be here. Now I'm starting to panic that we won't have everything done in time. We have officially entered crunch time.

{Due Date} May 2, 2015

{Gender} Sweet baby girl! 

{Name} Her initials are KGS

{Baby's Size} Size of a papaya, average weight is 1 1/2 pounds.

{Sleep} Sleep, oh how I miss you ;) Still having a little trouble in this category due to my really back back pain. Maybe the baby is just preparing me for having little to no sleep once she's here.

{Cravings} My sweet tooth is still going strong! I'm loving ice cream with strawberries, lots of fruit, and muffins. Tyler loves that I have a sweet tooth now because I bring home treats at least once a week.

{Food Aversion}  Depends on the day really. Somethings that I used to love, just don't sound appetizing when I think about them. I'm still staying away from spicy foods. Heartburn is not worth it. I am dreaming of spicy, spicy salsa with chips :)

{Feeling} Pretty great. The next month and half are going to be a little crazy because we will be moving so I'm enjoying the calm before the storm.

{Missing Anything} I can't think of anything. Maybe a really strong coffee! 

{Baby Girl Fashion Finds} My newest baby obsession is Cotton On! Fashion Valley mall recently started carrying the baby section. The selection of clothes is too amazing to even describe. I wanted all the items in my size! Their online selection isn't great, but you must go in stores to shop! We picked up a couple dresses for this summer that I can't wait to see her in.

{Surprise of The Week} I had to do the dreaded glucose test this week. I was very, very nervous going into it. I totally thought the drink was going to be disgusting and hard to hold down. To my surprise, it tasted like flat orange crush! This was such a relief. I am so glad to have this test behind me!

{Best Moment Of The Week} This past weekend Tyler and I spent 4 hours working on our registry. It was so fun! We went up and down every isle at least twice. Who knew you needed SO many things for such a tiny little human. I loved having that gun in my hand :) By the end of our session I felt like I could barely walk. Tyler being the amazing guy he is treated me to a pedicure. It was such a great day!

XOXO, Kayla 

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