Friday, January 2, 2015

.22 Week Baby Bump Update.

{Due Date} May 2, 2015...I know in my previous posts it has been April 28, 2015, but our doctor has had us go back to our original due date for the time being. The reason for changing the due date to April was because at our mid pregnancy ultrasound, the tech told us that the machine was reading her due date as the 28th. At the time she was already weighing 12 ounces, which was a couple ounces ahead of where she should be, so it looks like we might have a big baby! Fingers crossed for not over 8 pounds!!

{Gender} Sweet baby girl! 

{Name} Her initials are KGS

{Baby's Size} Eggplant, averaging 1-1.3 pounds 

{Am I Showing?} Totally! I live in maternity jeans, leggings and dresses. Normal shirts still fit thankfully.

{Sleep}Sleep has not been my friend over the last week. I can't really seem to get comfortable and I wake up every other hour because my back hurts or I have to pee. The only thing really saving me is my Bumpnest. I wouldn't be getting any sleep without it.  

{Cravings} Lots of water, veggies, fruit, and In-N-Out Burger. I only let myself get In-N-Out once every couple weeks, but it sure does sound delicious every single day!! It really doesn't help that I work right down the street from one.

{Food Aversion}  The smell of alcohol, certain kinds of chicken depending on how it was cooked, and Mexican food. 

{Feeling} Like time is flying by and we have a lot to do before her arrival!

{Missing Anything} Not at all.

{Baby Girl Fashion Finds} There has been so many this week, but sadly most of the cute outfits are not online. One of my favorites was this Minnie Mouse outfit she got for Christmas. I die over that beanie!! She also got a couple pairs of these Old Navy leggings in white with gold hearts and polka dots. They're going to be perfect with all her cute tops.

{Best Moment Of The Week} Celebrating the holidays with all of our family. Christmas was so special and magical as usual, but the best part was opening all the gifts & cards for our baby! Our baby girl was beyond spoiled and you could feel the love. Everything we opened was so cute and made it feel more real that next year, she'll be here to celebrate with us. One of the cutest things was a card from her auntie on her present that read " To: Baby Smith, Our Darling Dream". Yes, I almost cried :)

XOXO, Kayla 

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  1. I have been enjoying following your blog! I am due around the same time and love seeing your fashion tips Can't wait to see more baby clothes too! I am also having a little girl :).