Thursday, July 14, 2016

.The Best Sale Of The Year, Nordstrom Anniversary.

The day we have alllll been waiting for is finally here, The Nordstrom Anniversary sale!!  Ever since I can remember, this sale has always been a big deal in our house. My mom and I would get to Nordstrom bright & early and shop till we dropped. We would always have lunch in the Nordstrom Cafe and spend the day trying on almost everything! I can remember very clearly, circa 2007 when we bought up all the Juicy Track suits...haha oh man, those were the days ;)

After browsing online, I have to say this years sale seems like one of the best I've ever shopped. There are SO many great pieces marked down to fantastic prices. I can get on board with $30 tops & $40 sweaters. That's practically Forever 21 pricing! *Happy Dance* These items will sale out very quickly, so if you see something you better snatch it up! 

For the next week or so it's early access shopping. Which means you either have to have a Nordstrom debit or credit card to take advantage or the discounts. If you don't have one of these, don't worry everything will be opened up to everyone shortly! 

It can be extremely overwhelming navigating through the sale since there are so many options marked down. I thought I would help you girls out and round up my top picks and items I think will be great for fall. Keep in mind, these are mostly fall/winter pieces. I know it can be hard to buy a cardigan or cozy scarf when it's 100+ outside! You'll be so thankful you did though when those temps start dropping! 

If you have any questions about anything I link up, feel free to shoot me an email {} or leave a comment here or on Instagram!! I always love helping you girls/guys shop :)


A little bit about the items I'm loving....

I'm such a crazy hat lady since I've had Kennedy! I think it's because I can throw one on and it looks like I did my hair, but really I didn't. Got to love those #momhacks :) I purchased a wool wide brim floppy hat from Nordstrom last year and have lived in it ever since. I can't wait to add one of these beauties in the mix.  Also, I am a serious scarf hoarder.  Always have been, always will. I love these blanket scarf & leopard options. I also love their price point with them between $18-$24!!

Every year a pair of Tory Burch riding boots go on sale and my heart explodes because they're so gorgeous!! They are on my wishlist and someday they will be allll mine!! I'm also loving these lace up flats that are under $60! The blush & calf hair ones are my favorite!!

That leopard purse is calling my name!! It would be rude to ignore it, right?! ;) I usually try to take advantage of these sales by investing in a piece that I know will last my for many seasons. I think this baby might be that piece! It's under $150 too which just blows my mind!

Most of these blouses I linked up are priced around $30 and great pieces to stock up on for fall & winter. The Lush pocket tee is such a great layering piece at only $15. I might have to get it in every color. They grey looks adorable! There's nothing like a comfy tee. They go with everything and can easily be dressed up or down depending on your event! 

Lastly, this fringe cardigan! There are no words, except "get in my closet, now!!".

{you can shop all the items I'm talking about by clicking the photos below!}

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