Thursday, August 11, 2016

.Fall Floral Dress.

Dress, Heavenly Couture // Sandals, Ann Taylor {only $14!} // Sunnies, Karen Walker

After we wrapped up our dinner the other night downtown Tyler and decided to walk around and explore. We were laughing to ourselves because it was so crowded and we felt so out of the loop. We were joking that this is what adults do on the weekends when we are at home getting Kennedy to bed and looking forward to catching up on our DVR. No shame though ;)

In the middle of all the nightlife there was a boutique that caught my eye! {this is not shocking if you know me. I will shop at all hours of the day!!} I didn't think for a second it was open since it had to be at least 10:30pm,but thankfully I was wrong. I was just going to window shop because it looked a little over priced. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a sign that said "Nothing over $17".....excuse me, what?!? Without hesitation, I yelled to Tyler that I was going in.

I could have easily grabbed half the store to try on, I just didn't want to make Tyler wait allll night. I ended up grabbing two pieces, this dress being one of them. They both fit and I fell in love! I know what you're probably thinking "Another floral dress?! Just what you need Kayla...not"! Well, yes it was just I need! The colors in this dress will be perfect for transitioning into fall. Also, you can never have too many floral dresses, so get used to seeing them on here for many years to come :)

Xo, Kayla 

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