Wednesday, November 23, 2016

.What I'm Loving Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve Edition.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! I can't wrap my head around the fact that it's the middle of the holidays. I don't know how we got here, but never the less, I am thrilled!! This week has felt very festive with the cooler weather (we even got rain!), we picked up our tree and set it up, and Tyler and I shared our first glass of eggnog while watching "Christmas Vacation" If that doesn't sound like a festive week, I don't what does!

I have been loving a lot of things this week and thought I'd share. It turns out most of them are either Kennedy, Christmas or beauty related. I told you, it's been a good week! I'd love to know what you have been loving lately!! 

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The one thing I have been loving the most this week is our Christmas tree!! For years, I have been trying to talk Tyler into a fake one and it honestly seemed like a lost cause.  To my surprise, he finally agreed when we were conveniently at Target last weekend. We have limited space in our living room and I was really nervous how it was going to go with Kennedy. You know, toddlers & a tree just seemed like a recipe for disaster. Fake seemed like the obvious answer and I'm happy to report, so far everything has worked out great! The tree is the perfect size and Kennedy has been leaving it alone for the most part. She's touched it a couple times, but has been really gentle. She stares at it and says "pretty tree" :) I wanted to share that our exact tree is on sale for $30, like what?! I think the sale only lasts through today though. If you're also limited on space or want a second tree for somewhere in you house, this is the perfect tree!! 

I went into Sephora to grab a mascara a couple weeks ago and had rewards points that I hadn't used in a long time. I ended up grabbing this CC cream because I have heard nothing but rave reviews. Guys, this stuff is gold!! I fell madly in love. It has incredible coverage and lasts allll day. Also, it's so moisturizing! I do use a little powder over the top though just because I like my skin to look matte. FYI, this CC cream is not sold in stores. I learned that the hard way :) You can either order it from Sephora or Ulta has it in store.

Another beauty item that I picked up when I went to Sephora was this mascara. I have been using it with this mascara primer that I picked up for $5 at Target. This combo is the holy grail of mascara combo!! Talk about glam, intense lashes. It seriously looks like I'm wearing falsies. If you're a lash girl, you need this combo in your life!! 

I've been sipping my coffee out of my favorite mug this week! Anthropologie brings the gold monogramed version back every Christmas and it always sells out. It's the best gift for any coffee lover out there and it's only $10! I'm also swooning over the cocktail glass version that they released. I'm thinking a couple "S" ones would look great on the barcart. Did you hear that, Santa?! 

I picked up this sweater for Kennedy and I have been dying for her to wear it. Gap released an almost identical sweater last year and I have kicked myself for about 11 months for not getting it for Kennedy! Thankfully being patient paid off because I love this years version even more. I'm thinking I am going to pair it with this tutu dress for when she meets her favorite man, Santa!!  It's currently 50% off with code: TGIF50

I saved the best for last! One thing, or should I say place, that I have been loving this week is Old Navy! That's really not a new love affair, but this week it has been on another level. The entire store has been 40% off and as of today they kicked it up a notch and started Black Friday early making everything a whooping 50% off!! It's no secret that Old Navy is my go to when it comes to dressing Kennedy. I have been stocking up on essentials for her like this sweater and these fun socks. The real reason I have been frequenting Old Navy is because their holiday pjs are the cutest. I grabbed this pair for Kennedy in the red. They are super soft! I also got these ones for myself because we will be somewhat twinning with the stripes!

*All items I'm loving linked below. You can click to shop.*

Xo, Kayla 

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