Wednesday, March 18, 2015

.32 Week Baby Bump Update.

Dress, c/o Pink Blush Maternity {exact style sold out, loving this & this} // Necklace, c/o Striped Boutique // Bracelets, J.Crew, J.Crew {old} // Sunnies, Karen Walker

How perfect is this daisy dress for spring?! Pink Blush Maternity did it again with this little number. With the insane heat wave we have been having here in San Diego, I've basically been living in dresses!  It's nice to have cute options like this one hanging in my closet. It would also make the perfect Easter dress. I also think this gorgeous necklace was made to wear with it!

{Due Date} May 2, 2015

{Gender} Sweet baby girl!

{Name} Her initials are KGS

{Baby's Size} According to my apps, she's about the size of a large papaya, jicama, or a Honeydew melon. It feels like she's the size of a watermelon! Her movements this week have gotten even more intense. They're my favorite because I know she's growing and healthy, but man sometimes they can almost take your breath away.

{Sleep} No complaints as far as falling and staying asleep! I really think it's because we have so much going on, once I lay down my body is just ready to go to sleep. The only thing that's a little hard is getting out of bed. When I wake up in the morning or for a pee break it feels like I have been sleeping on rocks! My back is just not in a happy place right now.

{Cravings} My sweet tooth is in full force and I think getting crazier! I've been munching on left over cake from our shower most of the week. Don't worry I balance it out with fruits and veggies.

{Food Aversion} Still None!

{Feeling} Great! I'm feeling a lot better and way less stressed than I did last week. I owe a lot of this to Tyler. He's so good at not letting things get to him and has such a positive outlook on everything! He keeps me sane :) This week I have been pretty tired.  It has gotten a little harder to get out of bed in the morning. We still go to bed rather early (around 9:00pm) but 5:45am always seems to roll around too early in the morning. I am looking forward to sleeping in one day this weekend! God willing, it always seems like we wake up early on the weekends even if we try to sleep in haha.

{Missing Anything} Kind of a funny one this week, but I miss being able to shave my legs normally. I have reached the point where I have to sit down in the shower to achieve this task. I use coconut oil as shaving cream so it does get a little slippery. That mixed with my big huge belly in the way is a recipe for disaster ;)

{Baby Girl Fashion Finds} Basically every single outfit we received at the shower!! 

{Best Moment Of The Week} The best moment hands down was baby girl's baby shower this past weekend! The day was magical and just perfect. My mom, Tyler's mom, and Aunt really out did themselves. They made my vision come to life and I couldn't have asked for a better day. I am so thankful for all our loved ones that came out and celebrated our little miracle! She is beyond loved already and sure did get spoiled! Girlfriend has the best wardrobe already. I can't wait to see her wear all her little outfits!! I plan on sharing some pictures and details from the shower shortly here on the blog!

Another note worthy moment this week was my 32 week check up. We discussed my birth plan and went over what would happen at the next appointment. My doctor informed me that we only have two more appointments and if there's no progress by the end of week 38, we schedule my induction date! I can't believe we are about 6-7 weeks away from meeting our little girl!! 

XOXO, Kayla

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